Public Sector Data 2018

Improving Governance, Informing Decision Making and Innovating Service Design Through Unlocking Valuable Data

A recent study revealed that ready access to government data (or public sector information) in Australia has the potential to generate a value worth up to $25 billion per year. This, coupled with the advent of the Open Government Partnership and Open Data Movement highlights that governments desperately need to leverage their data to create efficiency, improve decision making and service design, and most of all increase citizen utility.

Not only does unlocking Public Sector Data pose a great opportunity, it also increases risk. Cyber crime presents a $1 billion threat to the Australian government, and governments must ensure they accurately assess the risks of data breaches to minimize risk of fraud and privacy threats.

With this in mind, we are launching the Public Sector Data Summit, which will focus on:

  • Realising the value of government data: using data for innovative service design, informed decision making, increased efficiency and citizen utility
  • Understanding the impact of Open Government to promote business creation, innovative citizen centric services and strengthen governance
  • Improve data management and governance strategy for increased data security, privacy and reduce fraud and cyber risk
  • Assess the impacts of technical advancements such as Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Automation on organisations and infrastructure

Why Should You Attend?

Top reasons to attend:

·         10 case studies on data management and opening up data to be used in decision making

6 case studies on the governance and ethical use of data in government

3 case studies from New Zealand on their leading data initiatives

5 case studies on cultural change and driving data initiatives through teams

An international keynote on the value of data in government

Multiple networking opportunities including speed networking, champagne roundtables, panels and networking drinks!

Who Will You Meet?

Head/ Directors/ General Managers/ Chiefs of:



Media Partners